Sailing Away From the Moon, a novel by Ann…

Cover SAM copySailing Away from the Moon explores the ever growing and passionate relationship between idealistic young writer Maggie Johnson and her all too human hero, acclaimed photojournalist Ashley Graham Robertson.
When Maggie and Ashley meet, they both get what they want. Maggie, an ardent admirer of Ashley’s work, soon learns that he is not only a man of great strength and courage but also of phenomenal self-restraint. Ashley finds in Maggie a haven from the raw realities of life: she is warmth; she is beauty; she is innocence incarnate. He wants only to protect her from the evils of the world for as long as she may live.
Over the years, however, Ashley discovers that his most difficult task may be saving Maggie from his very own passion and fears – until his worst fears become reality. Now Maggie must grapple with violence and deceit wrought by a man of vengeance who would destroy her family; Ashley must find a way to save the lives of those he holds most dear; and both must realize that the key to their survival lies in mutual trust.

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